Message From the Chair

I am honored and humbled to be elected the Founding Chair of the Alliance. I am particularly pleased that Prof. Huanwen Cheng, University Librarian of Sun Yat-sen University, and Ms Louise Jones, University Librarian of the Chinese University of Hong Kong have been elected Vice Chairs. I believe that with help and advice from these two distinguished academic librarians, my job will be much easier and more pleasant.

Let me first of all, on behalf of Huanwen, Louise, and myself, welcome all member libraries of the Alliance, and thank them for joining the Alliance. The purpose of the Alliance is to engage the major university libraries in the Pearl River Delta and optimize the use of academic resources through deep collaboration, thus rendering support to teaching, learning, and research – the three important tasks being carried out in their parent universities. By establishing this Alliance, we have thus created a ‘One-hour Library Circle’– so named because it takes about one hour to travel around to these three locations, i.e., Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, in the Pearl River Delta in Southern China.

All member libraries believe that it is a very worthwhile project. We have already planned some inter-library cooperation activities. As time goes on, we will surely add more activities and programs to the work of our cooperative efforts. I indeed look forward to advice and contributions from all member libraries.

Paul W T Poon (Dr)
Founding Chair
G/H/M University Library Alliance

November 2017