Mr. Peter Sidorko

Mr. Peter Sidorko
University Librarian
The University of Hong Kong


Peter Sidorko is the University Librarian at the University of Hong Kong. He has been in this position since 1.1.11 but joined the University in 2001 as Deputy University Librarian. Along with Louise Jones he is co-chairing the recent implementation of a new shared ILS for JULAC.


Success, Opportunity and Challenges: A JULAC Response to Lorcan Dempsey’s Keynote Address
This presentation will provide a JULAC contextual response to the challenges and opportunities raised by Lorcan Dempsey’s keynote address. With 50 years of history collaborating, JULAC has achieved much in the 4 areas raised by Dempsey (influence, learning, innovation and capacity). While celebrating these achievements it is also recognised that, in the ever evolving environment of higher education in Hong Kong, there are further opportunities to be realized. This presentation will highlight the achievements delivered and the opportunities awaiting JULAC.