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2013-2014 1st Semester

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Faculty Teaching Staff Course Code Title/Author Ed. Publisher Year Call No. Required Text Reference Text
GE FED Mr. Hui Kim Nam EDPA213 Music in Germany since 1968 / Alastair Williams. 1st Cambridge University Press 2013 ML 275.5 Wil 2013
GE FED Mr. Hui Kim Nam EDPA213 Playing beyond the notes : a pianist's guide to musical interpretation / Deborah Rambo Sinn. 1st Oxford University Press 2013 MT 220 Sin 2013
GE FED Prof. Cheung Wai Po PYEB111 中國歷代文學作品選 / 朱東潤 1st 上海古籍 2008 PL 2455 Chu 2008