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2012-2013 2nd Semester

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Faculty Teaching Staff Course Code Title/Author Ed. Publisher Year Call No. Required Text Reference Text
GE FST Dr. Vat Kam Hou CISG113 Computer security fundamentals / Chuck Easttom. 2nd Pearson 2012 QA 76.9 A25 Eas 2012
GE FST Dr. Vat Kam Hou CISG114 Introduction to Web 2.0 / Diane Coyle. 2nd Pearson 2012 TK 5105.88817 Coy 2012
GE FST Dr. Weng Fai Ip FSTG213 Environmental Science / Daniel B. Botkin and Edward A. Keller 7th John Wiley & Sons 2010 GE 105 Bot 2010
GE FST Prof. Hou Ian PHYS111 The special theory of relativity / David Bohm ; with a foreword by Basil Hiley and a new preface by John Barrow. 1st Routledge 2006 QC 173.65 Boh 2006