Trial Databases

Gale Digital Scholar Lab

Feature: 1.Search across your institution's Gale Primary Sources holdings and build content sets for use in your research. 2.Analyze your corpus of documents with our visualization tools, experiment and tune your results.3.Manage your documents and analyses through Content Sets, export documents and download visualizations.
Trial period: Nov 31, 2018 - Dec 31, 2019

數據庫內容:《新聞報(1893-1949)》、《時報 (1904-1939)》、《 民國日報(1916-1947)》、 《 中央日報(1928-1949)》、《小報 (全4輯)》、《 大陸報(1911-1949)》、 《 上海泰唔士報(1925-1943)》、《大美晚報 (1929-1949)》、《 上海晚報(1869-1874)》、 《中華快報 (1876-1878)》、《 上海差報(1878-1884)