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    Canadian Newsstand Complete             
This database offers unparalleled access to the full text of over 190 Canadian newspapers from Canada's leading publishers.

    eRS Online Information Reader             Subscription terminated from April 2017

    Gale NewsVault             
It provides cross-search to explore the collection of Gale historical newspapers, which are subscribed by the Library, including Financial Times Historical Archive and Times Digital Archive.

    General Reference Center Gold             
A general interest database integrated a variety of sources in one easy-to-use interface, uses General Reference Center Gold to find articles from newspapers, reference books, and periodicals, many with full-text and images. It finds the latest current events, popular culture, business and industry coverage, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more.

    Illustrated London News Historical Archive: 1842-2003             
It contains over 260,000 full color pages, including news of war, disasters, royalty, social affairs, the arts and science.

    Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) Reports             Trial period: Jan 17, 2018 - Feb 3, 2018
This collection focuses on the technological and scientific development works published in communist countries, and the effect of those developments today. More than 50% of the collection includes published works from China, and showcases how much and when the Chinese knew about issues in military, agriculture, pollution, nuclear weapons and more.

    LexisNexis Academic Universe             
LexisNexis Academic Universe provides access to a wide range of news, business, legal and reference information, which are more than 5,700 titles.

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    Pharmaceutical News Index             
It allows your search the definitive database of pharmacological news, research, and regulatory information, covering the most important specialized publications in the pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

    ProQuest Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post             
This historical newspaper provides users with online access to the coverage of the politics, society and events of the time from 1903 to 1995.

    ProQuest Newsstand             
ProQuest Newsstand offers unparalleled access to the full text of over 1300 newspapers, news websites and blogs from leading publishers throughout the world. The database includes backfile for most newspapers, providing access to articles, columns, editorials, obituaries and features published in each paper.
Major newspapers include the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, The Guardian and many other national and regional titles.

    South China Morning Post (SCMP)             
South China Morning Post (SCMP) is one of the English newspapers published in Hong Kong. It carries a wide coverage of news, reports, and analysis of the region and the world with the archived record back to recent 10 years.

Note : For early South China Morning Post(1903-1995), please refer to "ProQuest Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post"

    The Sacramento Bee Archive (1857-1984)             Trial period: 4 January 2018 – 3 February 2018
Sacramento Bee archives offer valuable research materials for the studies of the Chinese Immigration to the West Coast of the United States.
The Sacramento Bee was one of the most influential newspapers in California, and known for exposing local injustice and corruption in the early 20th century.

    The San Francisco Chronicle Archive (1869-1984)             Trial period: 4 January 2018 – 3 February 2018
The San Francisco Chronicle was known as Northern California’s newspaper of record, but its wide influence was so far reaching that it was known as the “voice of the west”.
It shows heavy coverage of the 19th century immigration influx from China to the USA, who converged to California and played a key role in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.

    The Times Digital Archive 1785 - 1985             
It is a digital edition of The Times (London) from 1785 to 1985. The newspaper in print was captured, with all articles, advertisements and illustrations/photos divided into categories to facilitate searching.

    U.S. National Newspaper Abstracts             
It offers abstracts and indexing for New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal, included with a subscription to Academic Research Library.

    Wisers             (99 concurrent users) 
This database provides access to the news and information come from over 500 regional newspapers in Chinese and English, as well as magazines, weeklies, websites and news agencies.

    Wisers Information Portal             (99 concurrent users)
This portal provides searches to the news and information from over 500 regional newspapers in Chinese and English, as well as magazines, weeklies, websites and news agencies. It allows search back up to 1998 with more than 190 million articles, which keeps increasing from day to day.


    易研網上信息閱讀平台             2017年4月起停訂

    慧科 (Wisers)             (只限99個共用用戶) 

    慧科資訊平台             (只限99個共用用戶)
搜尋過往的新聞資料, 可追溯至1998年。主要包括香港、澳門、中國及台灣等的報刊, 儲存逾1.9億篇文章,平均每日新增5萬篇新聞相關報導。

    澳門報章剪報索引             Open Access Resource
澳門報章剪報索引(Macau Newspaper Clippings Index)收錄自1988年1月至2000年7月,主要覆蓋澳門日報、華僑報、市民日報、訊報等每日有關澳門的新聞報導和社評的標題,內容主要包括藝術、經濟、教育、勞工、政府、工商、法律、政治、治安、社會、科技、運輸、公用事業、青年事務等。2000年6月份以後的新聞資料,可查慧科新聞資料庫,並可取得全文。